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KuKirin V2 Urban Electric Bike

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- Detachable 36V 7.5Ah Battery

- 250W Brushless Motor

- 40 Kilometers Range

- 25 Kph Max. Speed

 - 20'' Pneumatic Wheels


The Kukirin V2 electric bike is the perfect combination of modern technology and performance, providing you with a unique riding experience. Its main feature is the ability to detach the 36V 7.5Ah battery, allowing for easy charging and replacement, ensuring longer and more comfortable journeys.

Kukirin Urban Electric Bike V2 2023 20 inches Lithium-ion Battery Kukirin Urban Electric Bike V2 2023 20 inches Frame Size 20 inches Powered by an advanced brushless motor, the KuKirin V2 Electric Bike with a 250W motor delivers a smooth and dynamic ride. You can accelerate effortlessly and tackle more challenging routes without excessive effort. With this bike, you can enjoy not only comfort but also significant support on longer distances.

The V2 Pro model by KuKirin also surprising with its impressive range. Thanks to the technology and optimized design, the 7.5Ah battery allows you to cover up to 40 kilometers on a single charge. This is an excellent solution for those who value long journeys or want to complete many daily routes without frequent charging.

Kukirin Urban Electric Bike V2 2023 20 inches Brand Kukirin Kukirin Urban Electric Bike V2 2023 20 inches Color Black Reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/h, the Kukirin V2 Pro electric bike ensures smooth and safe commuting within the city and beyond. Whether you're going to work, shopping, or simply taking a leisurely ride, this bike will help you reach your destination quickly and efficiently.

Equipped with 20-inch pneumatic tires, the V2 Pro model also guarantees excellent stability and comfort while riding. Pneumatic tires perform well on both smooth surfaces and rough roads, providing a secure grip and minimizing vibrations.

The Kukirin V2 electric bike is a proposition for those looking for an advanced means of transportation that combines performance with comfort. Its innovative features and robust construction will make every journey a true pleasure, and the battery range and motor performance will allow you to enjoy the freedom of travel.


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