Service policy Please Read carefully before ordering our service

Service Policy Please read carefully before requesting our services

If you make an appointment and provide your address in order to have us collect or fix your scooter you are accepting our service policy.

Before handing the scooter to the mechanic or workshop, please take a photo of each part of the scooter for evidence.

If we collect a scooter for inspection we will provide you with a comprehensive list of issues and quote a price for fixing them.

  • If you agree to the repairs the initial inspection will be free of charge.     
  • If you don’t agree, we will return your scooter and charge an inspection fee of 49€.
  • If a repair is not possible due to right replacement parts being currently unavailable for a specific scooter model, we will always try to provide alternative solutions in the best interest of our customers.
  • If no agreement can be reached, we will return the scooter to the customer and charge a fee based on the services provided.                These may include: - Collection - Labour cost during inspection taking the scooter apart, checking for defects, replacing battery, cable, or control unit, and so on. 49€

Delivery Other potential costs:

Our first visit to the customer is FREE of charge. If the customer agrees to the repairs, the visiting fee will be included in the overall price. Every later visit will cost a fee of 20€. To avoid this fee customers can bring their scooter to us. Any scooter deliveries by us will also incur a fee of 20€.

We can refuse service if:

- the scooter's factory protection has been broken.

- the customer has made non-original changes to his Scooter.

- If an unauthorized person opened the scooter and way trying 'fix' himself


We do not repair scooters that have been opened  by other individuals, whether it was the owner or another service provider. We do not undertake repairs on scooters that have been previously worked on by someone else. We cannot take responsibility for repairs that someone else has performed, such as rewiring or connecting various components together. This is related to the safety of our customers and our employees.


Parts and parts replacements

We offer repair services for electric scooters and bikes using original parts or authorized equivalents. Our electrical and mechanical parts, as well as tubes and tires, are sourced from professional suppliers and are of the highest quality.

If a client wishes to have a specific part on their electric scooter or bike, such as a tire, we offer three different types of tires for the Kugoo M4/Pro model: road tires, off-road tires, and extra strong tires, all of which have the same size and fit perfectly on those scooters. If a client wants a specific type of tire, they need to inform the mechanic before fixing. Once the repair is done, it's not possible to remove and change to another type unless the customer covers the cost of a new tube and the mechanic's work.

Complaints after the work is completed, on the next day, or the following week are not acceptable by our service. We have over 20 different types of tires in stock, but a specific tire dedicated to your scooter or bike may be out of stock. In this case, we use another tire that has exactly the same size and parameters as the original one. If a customer is looking for an exact same part, they should inform us before the work is done.

We inform that electric scooters are assembled in a machine manner and it is often not possible to remove the wheel without damaging stickers or plastic or rubber covers. Also, removing the battery, controller or other electrical parts without damaging the rubber or plastic is not possible. Additionally, due to low temperatures during repairs, original parts such as plastic wheel covers, battery covers, decks, and handle covers may be damaged. Plastics and rubbers stiffen during lower temperatures (period from November to April). We inform that we do not take responsibility for such damages when removing the wheel cover or battery cover or any other is required for repair


Before ordering the service, please familiarize yourself with all the details..


Original parts used for the repair of the scooter are covered by the warranty only if the scooter is used in the intended manner and has not undergone any unauthorized modifications. The warranty is void if:

  • The tires are changed to tubeless tires - tubeless tires are hard and cause significant vibrations in the scooter, leading to damage to the battery, motor, or controller.
  • Non-original parts or accessories are installed that increase the weight of the scooter, such as a large front and rear basket, non-original seat, additional battery, or replacement of parts with non-original ones.


The electric scooter is kept in our service for a period of 10 days  free of charge. After this time, we start charging a storage fee for the electric scooter at a rate of 3 euros per day.

After the payment of the fees, we can arrange for you to pick up the scooter or we can organize delivery for an additional cost of 29 euros.

The scooter will be kept in our warehouse for an additional 30 days. After this period, the scooter will be recycled and it will not be possible to retrieve it.

If the scooter was retrieved to diagnose the issue, an additional fee determined during the service booking must be paid. Usually its 49e

With our customers in mind, we provide a full 40 days to pick up the scooter, understanding that various situations may make it difficult to retrieve the scooter within the initial timeframe.

 We will send the invoice upon request. Please provide your full name and address for delivery. The invoice will be sent within 7 working days.

Engineers or the office are not obligated to inform about everything that has been written above. All rules are described on our website and if there are any doubts, please contact us.


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