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Electric scooter Joyor S10-S 2x1000 W 70 km/h

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BLAZING SPEED up to 70km/h


POWER of two


In just four words, we can describe what the JOYOR S10-S offers from the first moments of the ride.

We personally tested the scooter, so these are not just copied data from the manufacturer's website.


A 95kg man reached a speed of 67km/h, so achieving 70km/h with every kilogram less is easily attainable. The scooter is lightweight and agile. The suspension excellently absorbs any road irregularities, making the ride smooth and enjoyable.


The JOYOR S10-S electric sport scooter is a device with impressive specifications that will undoubtedly attract the attention of extreme sports enthusiasts. Powered by a powerful 60V18ah battery, this scooter offers an impressive range of 70 to 85 kilometers.


MOTOR 2x1000W In terms of performance, the JOYOR S10-S is equipped with two 1000W motors, providing exceptional power and performance.

DURABILITY The frame made of aluminum alloy ensures not only durability but also lightweight construction.

HYDRAULIC BRAKES The hydraulic brakes offer excellent control during rides and ensure safe braking.

BATTERY The incredibly high-capacity 18Ah battery allows for extremely long journeys, reaching up to 85km.


SUSPENSION An additional advantage of the JOYOR S10-S model is the presence of suspension both on the front and rear wheels, effectively eliminating any road irregularities in any terrain, even the most extreme. This significantly improves riding comfort and allows for better handling of uneven surfaces.

TIRES The 10-inch pneumatic tires, both in the front and rear, provide excellent grip and stability.

LOAD CAPACITY, CHARGING, DIMENSIONS The scooter is sturdy and durable, allowing it to be used by various riders, even with a weight of up to 150kg.

The battery charging time ranges from 10 to 12 hours.

When unfolded, the dimensions of the scooter are  1215*610*1230mm When folded, it reduces to 1120*610*525mm, making it convenient for storage and transportation. The JOYOR S10-S scooter weighs 27 kg, making it relatively compact and mobile.


The JOYOR S10-S electric sport scooter offers impressive specifications and high performance, making it ideal for those seeking extreme experiences. Safety during the ride is ensured by the hydraulic brakes and suspension, while the durable aluminum alloy frame guarantees both durability and lightweight construction. It is an excellent solution for anyone looking to combine speed, efficiency, and adventure in one device.


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